I was a late member to the world of autism and sensory issues. My son initially diagnosed with ADD had a complete breakdown at eight. This eventually led to the discovery that he was autistic and that his breakdown had caused autistic regression.  My son who had enjoyed theatre and dance classes and learned a second language at school became non-verbal and locked in his own world. The experts told me this could be permanent and the boy I had raised may be forever changed.  

After months he began to find his words again and now talks constantly but he is a very different boy than the boy I raised to the age of eight. That boy loved hugs and would happily go and do anything without complaint.  My son now suffers from anxiety… a lot of anxiety. Sleep is a nightly struggle and hugs? I dream of hugs, he hates physical contact of any kind. Touch actually hurts his skin. 

He can’t cope with supermarkets or any shops. You can see the panic rising the longer he is surrounded by noise and lights and people. I’m sure as you read this you know what happens next. Get your child out of there as quickly as possible or… the dreaded meltdown.

So I’ve only been in the autism and sensory world since 2016 … but I was thrown in the deep end I learnt fast.  I read books and scoured the internet and I looked for products that would help him, especially with his anxiety.

I started Sensory Hugs to share the products I found with other parents. We are all in the same boat and when I receive an email saying a child has slept before ten in the evening for the first time in months it makes me so happy.

At Sensory Hugs I want to continue to add new educational, sensory and therapy products for both children and adults. These products will aim to simply make everyone’s lives easier. 

One of our weighted soft toys could help a child cope with a supermarket trip or the stress of going on holiday. 

Anxiety at bedtime is massive in our house and I’m sure many other parents can relate to the nightly reassurances to a worried child. A weighted blanket or sensory bed sheets helps our son settle. We sell them in different weights and sizes.

I will continue to add an array of products to our website. Our son is our product tester. He loves to give us his reviews on how helpful a product is. If we don’t have something yet you are looking for please let me know and I’ll try to add it.