Like a balance ball for children, this innovative cushion improves posture and focus simultaneously!

This cushion is great for people who struggle to stay still and love to wiggle!

This inflatable tactile wobble cushion is great for school too and its quiet.

To wiggle on your seat is is best to be only slightly inflated and placed on a normal chair.

Standing on it gives a great sensory experience!
One side is textured and the other offers spikey acupressure; These are great for improving focus, coordination and strength, all quietly!


Size 32cm wide, 7 or so cm high when fully inflated. Material PVC

Comes deflated with a ball pump and needle.

To deflate, insert needle into hole and air drains out. To inflate, use ball pump and needle (supplied) to inflate. 

NB: be careful not to pierce a hole in other side of cushion with needle if inflating!

Warning: Contains ball pump needle not suitable for children under 3 years of age.