Give your child (or yourself) a better nights sleep with our calming sensory bed sheets.

Sheet 92% Cotton 8% Lycra. Lovely and soft. Better quality than the cheaper Nylon ones.

If bedtime is a struggle, try a stretchy compression sheet for a deep pressure touch and soothing sensory input.

Children draw an increased sense of security and belonging from the sensation of affectionate physical contact. It makes them feel safe. This bedding was designed to help put children in an ideal state of mind to fall into a restful nights sleep. An effective tool to calm a sensory seeking or anxious child, very helpful for children who find bedtime difficult.

A compression bed sheet helps a child to avoid tossing and turning, it simulates the sensation of being hugged or held, and can make a child feel safe at an anxious time of the day.

Designed to calm, aid anxiety and stop those restless legs! The combination of Cotton and Lycra gives a breathable, stretchy and constrictive comfort designed to aid the best nights sleep possible.

These lovely soft sheets encourage children to stay in bed, and stops them falling out.

The fabric is naturally soft to the touch. Each sensory bed sheet features a wrap around your bed mattress.

Bed sheets can be used to supports children with different needs. They are great for sensory seekers who crave extra pressure or children who have anxiety or stress with bedtime.

This bedding is uniquely designed for children or adults with sensory processing disorder, ADHD and autism. It provides subtle compression to help soothe and calm those who find settling down difficult.

Machine washable and great for travel. They come in a small string tie bag of the same colour.

Not for children under 3 years of age.

Price includes Postage.