New large size Sensory Blue Weighted Lap Pad.

Weighted lap pad exert gentle pressure on the user, which may be of benefit to those with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Stress, Anxiety, Dementia or Restless Leg Syndrome.

Calming effect on lap and legs whilst sitting down reduces excessive fidgeting and promotes self-regulation.

Portable weighted therapy – Ideal for classroom, work place, restaurants, dinner table, homework, travelling, reading or watching TV
Quality glass bead filling, grid stitching to ensure even weight distribution and textured soft Minky fleece and cotton cover for additional sensory feedback and comfort.

Weighted lap pads are an effective sensory resource. They can help sensory-seeking adults and children calm their body when in a seated position, such as at school, work, at the table or whilst travelling. The weight exerted by the lap pad can help individuals to feel more grounded, reduce fidgety behaviour and improve concentration. Weighted lap pads can be useful to those with sensory processing disorders, Autism and ADHD by providing calming sensory input. Weighted lap pads can be a useful addition to a sensory diet plan alongside chew tools and fidget aids

The Lap Pad measures 48x58cm

Weighted Lap Pads –

  • The weight in the lap pad applies pressure to the touch receptors in the body, imparting a soothing and calming effect whilst in a seated position
  • Weighted lap pads can ease the symptoms of sensory processing difficulties such as Autism, ASD, ADHD, Restless Leg Syndrome or Dementia
  • Offers a discreet fidget solution for the school or office environment
  • Can help relieve anxiety and stress, promote relaxation and improve focus and concentration
  • Can help to dispel repetitive behaviours, promotes self-regulation and prevent melt downs
  • The weighted lap pad is portable, so ideal for school, travelling, eating out, at the dinner table or watching television
  • We suggest the weighted lap pad is used for short periods of time initially and then increased as needed, under supervision
  • The weight is distributed evenly within the individual cells sewn into the fabric
  • We use glass beads in our lap pads as they make less noise than plastic beads when in use
  • The tactile Minky fleece and cotton cover offers varied sensory input
  • The Weighted Lap Pad is hand washable in cool water and can be line dried

Ensure that the user can remove the weighted lap pad themselves
Not recommended for babies, very young or small children, or those who are immobile.