Double Layered Reversible Cotton/ Spandex Soft Sensory Swing Blue & Light Blue. 

These lovely soft double layered stretchy swings are great fun and great hiding places.

Made out of a double layer of super soft cotton spandex (reversible)  this truly multi-functional swing encourages movement and exercise and can be used when sitting, standing or lying down

Great for stretching out and moving inside the swing. My son loves to spin in his!! 

Great for learning body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills. A fun, private space to bounce, swing, spin or just lie motionless while enjoying the movement. A must swing for your clinic, home or school.

Comes with all the hardware for attaching to beam on ceiling. Please get an experienced person to fit, it would hurt if it came out the ceiling!  

 95% COTTON 5% SPANDEX- Quality Fabric.

 80KG weight limit

Active eyes on supervision at all times

Fall and strangulation hazards if product is not used correctly

Designed for indoor use, can go outside but must be brought back inside after use

Routinely check all aspects of product for wear and damage, discontinue use it damage found.

Move fabric around periodically to prevent wear in one spot

Ages 4 and up.

INSTALLATION (by professional or competent handy-person).

 Step 1 Locate a beam minimum 4cm wide, and a site with 1 metre radius from any objects.

 Step2 Use base plate to mark holes in beam. Use 12mm bit to drill to 5cm depth into beam.

 Step 3 Insert 4 bolts into holes, so metal sleeve is flush with beam. If beam can’t accommodate 4 bolts, 2 are sufficient.

 Step 4 Install base plate onto bolts, and tighten to secure bolt, sleeve, and plate into beam.

Step 5 Connect carabiner to plate, thread rope through swing and carabiner, and adjust length accordingly.

Tie knot securely and enjoy!